The whole neighborhood is heating up nicely

There is going to be a giant concert tonight for the Pride festival and this place is bursting at the seams with people ready to celebrate. My celebrating days are over and have been for about twenty years, but I like seeing the younger people all excited to celebrate and have fun. I have verybeen in clubs 5000 nights and the thrill of going to them has been squeezed out of me from overdoing it over the years. It is nice in some regards when you get older because you can relax more. Cold air conditioning and a fine book interest me more than a packed local company blasting techno music, but young people enjoy this, just like I did 100 years ago, and it is nice to see them living life and so excited about going to the club. I am more focused on doing Heating and Air Conditioning repairs for the new corporation and just being at home with my partner and our cats, but I have a nice little flat in the town center on a quiet street with no bars or clubs and my fine friend and I plan on staying here for a few more years. I work nearby for the Heating and Air Conditioning company and can walk to work in a matter of minutes with some nice weather conditions controlled from the breeze that my fine friend and I get from the coast. It will be warm here for the next few months and then it will quickly cool down once again and make way for winter. My fireplace will start up again in the middle of June, heating the flat for free, as my fine friend and I get free wood from my local corporation neighbor who lives on the mountain.

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