The card access system increases another level of security

Employees used to sign into a log before they entered the building and this was the way that my fantastic friend and I kept track of everyone! When employees signed into the log when they entered, my fantastic friend and I knew who was in the building.

Employees had to sign the log when they left the building as well, and it was a fantastic system to keep track of everyone in the office until I found out that security guards and employees were signing people in even though they were not in the building.

When I realized that people were subverting the system, the first thing I did was talk to my IT corporation about the problem, the IT experts recommended a card access system to add an additional level of security; A card access system can be severely helpful when you have an office with various employees. A card access system restricts access to the building unless you swipe an electronic card. Each lady in the building has a particular electronic card stamp. I also put a CCTV in the lobby, so my fantastic friend and I can see who enters and exits the building. If there are any questions about the user of the key card, my fantastic friend and I can look at the security tapes for that time to see who was going in and out of the building. The keycards and access system work for the front door and my fantastic friend and I also have access readers at the elevators, rooftop, and the conference center. Automated security features help me keep track of my employees and what they are doing from one morning to the next.

Electronic Card Access Installation

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