Summer is heating up suddenly

I have been away from my hometown for over five months and have already lost two more of my relatives.

I know it is because they are all in their 70s now and that seems to be the limit for most of them. My dad went at 80, my aunt at 73, and now my friend at 70. It makes me wonder if I should move back home to be around them before they are all gone. My mom is still doing wonderful however you just don’t know and I would like to see her some more. The heating and ac contractor in the city keeps me busy with work and my band seems to be heating up, so I certainly need to stay here and see where the band goes over the next couple of years before throwing in the towel. This is my dilemma. Stay here and chase my dreams or go back home to be around my flock of family and friends. What would you do? Keep the heating tech here and follow your dreams on your own basically, or go back to your home to spend time with your loved ones and work for your buddy, the local contractor. What I don’t like about the States is it is too busy for me, with all my friends working on their houses and no free time to hang out anymore. I know I’ll do my cooling rep work here and push forward with my dreams to see where they take me, and if it starts heating up I feel I’ve made the right choice.



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