Stopping HVAC thieves before they start

The day that I have to put bars on the windows is the day that I sell this place.

It’s hard to believe what has come of this community in a couple of decades.

When I first moved here, I wanted to be away from the radiant heating of my apartment in the city. I also was sick of the crime and not feeling safe. So I chose to move a full hour away from the office. For years, I commuted back and forth each work day. Thankfully, the company started offering incentives to work from home in the central air conditioning of our homes for certain jobs like mine. I still have to get into the office with the zone controlled HVAC a few times a month. But that sure beats having to drive everyday with the gas prices these days. Still, it’s amazing how much this tiny little place has grown. I wasn’t the only one who thought it would be worth the drive to not live in the city. And apparently, lots and lots of other people found this hamlet appealing. Now, it’s a big town and certain city problems are drifting in here big time. To that end, I just had to buy a cage that fits over the HVAC equipment sitting outside my house. Seriously, I’m now having to lock down the HVAC cabinet to keep thieves from trashing it. There are people who will destroy thousands of dollars of heating and cooling components just for a handful or two of copper fittings. It’s hard to believe that it’s come to this here.



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