Sports cars or new heating systems

The fastest production sports car does zero to 60 in about 1.9 seconds, which is only .4 seconds faster than the electric SUV that is now coming out.

Who would have known that an electric SUV could be faster than a Lambo, and almost as fast as the fastest high powered sports car on the market today.

I used to have a Lambo myself 20 years ago, and to be beaten by a mere SUV would have sent me running to the dealer to trade in my Lambo for a bicycle. I’m so happy I’m not driving my climate controlled waste of money Lambo around and spending all of my new contractor money on it. That car cost me an average of $3000 a month when you factor in all the expenses. I could buy a new HVAC system for my flat a few times a year for that amount, cooling down the whole building with the systems I would be putting in it. Now I can live for a third of that amount and not have to worry about someone keying my car like they did when I owned it. I used to keep it in an air conditioned storeroom but one night left it under my condo, and when I came out in the morning someone had keyed the whole car two times around. Luckily, the local business that does car detailing was able to buff out the key marks to the point that you couldn’t see them anymore. This crazy local contractor, who got mad at me, was the culprit in the end.


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