Music and the local contractor

Today is going to be a day of music for me as I listen to our recordings and try to grab some of them to drop online.

I am doing a marketing campaign the next few days and am going to try to get a few thousand followers on our SoundCloud account to see what kind of response I get from everyone.

I’d like to get about five thousand followers by the end of the year and see which songs they like the most out of our library of 100 songs. I think we have about ten solid songs, heating up from the one or two we had just a few months ago. My cooling tech bandmate is really talented, and when you add in my quirky ways, I think we just may have something here. The local business has been slammed since we started playing on the beach next to it, and the local contractor who owns it even pays us when we play now. We draw a lot of people to the place and they are making more money now that we are playing near it, and soon they will hire us to play inside the air conditioned bar for the customers. Our music is original, light, and fun and we have a lot of people giving us some good feedback on our songs. I just need to rest my voice with good indoor air quality so that I can sing again in a few days for this HVAC company party coming up on the weekend. We should be fine by then.
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