Jewel owns a successful AC repair business

Jewel is the second born and has 5 brothers.

Life has always been fun and lots of adventures for her.

While many girls tend to love cooling, makeup and fashion , Jewels grew up outside exploring. Her parents owned a small farm where they raised grass-fed beef cows, layer hens and broiler chickens. After school, Jewel and her brothers would help out on the farm. That’s why she felt so comfortable choosing to work in the HVAC industry. After high school, Jewel chose to go to trade school to study to become an HVAC technician. She also took some business classes at a local community college. Since her parents had managed to establish a small farm that met all their financial needs, Jewel followed their inspiration. Her goal was to head to HVAC school and get her certification. After completing school and the business classes, she began working as an independent AC repair person in her area. Most folks in her local community were more than willing to give Jewel a chance and that’s who her career took off. She worked as an independent AC expert for 5 years heading to remote locations where such services were hard to come by. After that, Jewel also saw the need to establish an AC repair business and hire more experts. Now, she owns a successful AC repair business in her hometown and stocks different units. People from far and wide come to her HVAC store to buy parts and also check out new HVAC technology. She’s always giving back to the community since they’re the reason she owns a successful AC repair business.

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