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I’m back in the rat race of trying to get followers for our Soundcloud page and someone told me to “cultivate my own followers” because I followed their followers.

But it is kind of irrelevant who you follow because they don’t have to follow you back and you aren’t forcing them to follow you.

They think I am trying to steal their followers or something but that is ridiculous if you think about it and they are all just people in the end. I’m just following everyone to see who follows back and if they like my music. heating up your band online requires stepping on others toes a bit, if not, then it is cooling down again without any followers. I don’t care if someone follows all of my followers and I don’t look to see who is following who. My HVAC tech job is more on my mind than some followers on Soundcloud, and working on ductwork occupies most of my time so I can’t investigate who is doing what online. The message came from some artist in NYC, where the competition is fierce, and people are concerned with making it to the top when they should just focus on their music. My HVAC tech bandmate and I have done just that for a few years and now I’m putting it out there for people to see while working for the local contractor to make ends meet. How do you get followers other than following others? Maybe this old heating supplier doesn’t know the game anymore but at least I’m trying.


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