Grandpa loves tinkering with different items in his shed

My dad grew up on a farm up north.

  • His dad, my grandpa, was a respected veterinarian in their area.

People from far and wide would come to his clinic with their animals for help. Grandpa had trained to be a small and large animal vet. This meant he could work on pets and farm animals of all ages. In the area where dad grew up, there were even folks who owned zebras, reindeers, alpacas and many more exotic animals. Grandpa treated them all and even made house calls to farms in a wide area. After serving his community for almost 5 decades, it was time for grandpa to hang his hat. Now, he likes spending his days at home with grandma, and his different machines. Grandpa has a shed outback where he loves tinkering with different items. Last summer, I went for a visit and as we were working, grandpa mentioned there was an issue with the heating system in the shed. He had tried checking the small heating system in this space, but he couldn’t figure it out. His worry was that he’d not manage to work in his shed once winter comes because of the faulty heating system. I am a trained HVAC professional so this was right up my alley. I fetched my tool kit from the truck and began opening up the heating system in the shed. Grandpa was right there to watch me at work and I felt so good to have his assistance. We finally got to the root of the problem. A dirty air filter was obstructing ample air flow into the shed. All we had to do was replace this with a new air filter and the heating system was ready for the cold season.

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