Four more degrees on the controlled unit

I need to check and see if my friend wants to play some music later with me.

My friend and I haven’t practiced in a week and I am getting antsy to play again with him.

I needed some time off because I was losing my voice from singing too loudly and stressing my vocal cords. I need to not sing so much from now on because that rips up the voice a lot and after that I have to take a lot of time off to recover. I know my voice is back 100% though so I am ready to go. Cooling down the flat this week is going to be a must because it is heating up here to the point where I am covered in sweat as I try to do my Heating and Air Conditioning technology work online. I’m also keeping an eye on my money this week as the market gets ready to open, which is exciting because my good friend and I may be in for a giant jump with a short squeeze that is looking likely. Things will be heating up then because all of my local corporation friends are going to jump on board to make some money. Then the thing could fly because almost everyone and their mother will be buying in to get in on the action. I just want to make enough money to get that geothermal heat pump I’ve been wanting, along with a new smart control component for my heating and cooling system. And speaking of which, I am going to drop the temp four degrees on it and cool this place down this week.

hvac tune-up

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