Enjoying some air con and silence

I am done for the day with my work and all I need to do now is go shopping at this nearby grocery store for about 10 minutes and then I am going to knock out my short yoga session and call it a day. That is a pretty easy rest of the day and I need it after the crazy day yesterday. I did a two hour hike through mountains in the heat and then followed that up with two hours of playing some heavy beach volleyball games. I was trying to rest my voice yesterday with air purification in my flat to help soothe my voice with some good indoor air quality. My throat is still kind of sore though when I touch it with my fingers, which tells me that I strained the muscles in my throat and they need some chill time now. I will do my HVAC technology writing for the day and not talk at all until later when I meet up with my cooling supplier to discuss the work at the local business where we work. I won’t talk much though and just try to listen to what she has to say, nodding in agreement when I can instead of using my voice. Working today on HVAC systems writing work makes me feel grateful that I don’t have to be in some cold air conditioned office all day under a bunch of bright fluorescent lights till 6pm. It is much more comfy and cozy here with the natural lighting of the sky and my two quiet coworkers sleeping in their cat cribs.


Hybrid heating

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