Chilling out with a mini split a/c unit

I am gearing up to hit the store at 3:45 when it hits the slowest part of the day for shopping.

That is when most of the day shoppers and morning shoppers are gone and it is still before the working people get out of work. From that time till about 4:30 pm is when it is the quietest in the stores it seems. So I like to go then and just take my time browsing around at all of the healthy food options they have. I like to buy lots of fruits and veggies in the refrigeration section of the store and then head to the dry goods to load up on beans and rice. I eat a lot of beans each week with all of the peanut butter I shovel down my throat each day, as peanuts are a bean and not a nut. The local contractor got me hooked on peanut butter back when we would work on ducts all day, or programming smart thermostats for customers in the evenings. He also got me into eating a salad each day and eating fish four times a week for lunch and dinner. We worked for this HVAC company for about three years and I learned a lot besides HVAC technology when we worked together, as he taught me a lot about life too. But nobody has taught me more about life than my mom and stepdad, who I don’t get to see so often being overseas chasing a dream. I’ll go back though and see them and their fireplace in action when I head back to help this new contractor.


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