Be sure you call the HVAC professionals

When I got home last weekend, I wasn’t happy.

That Friday, I was actually able to get off early in order to start a weekend of being a bachelor.

My wife had taken the girls to her parents for a long weekend which allowed me to enjoy the house all to myself. So I had worked it out so I could slide out of the zone controlled HVAC of the office a bit early. Well, it turns out that the zone controlled HVAC of the office was the only HVAC cooling I was getting that friday. I came home to a hot, sticky house that certainly wasn’t going to accommodate my beer drinking and sandwich eating. But the thing that stumped me and I couldn’t shake was the fact that the HVAC equipment was still running. The HVAC unit itself was running just the way it always was. When I put my hand to the air duct vent though, just stale, warm air. So that’s where my stubborn curiosity clicked in and it was all downhill from there. I went online to look this situation up when I simply should have called an HVAC professional right away. Watching a video online nudged me to go get an HVAC refrigerant recharge kit. Again, another stupid move. By the time I got to where I knew I was in over my head, it was too late. The recharge kit didn’t come with the necessary gauges that an HVAC professional would have. So I overdid something and then something ruptured. It was a whole thing of course.


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