$6 from a new heating and cooling system

If my price goes up just six more bucks with this EV company then I will be set with my savings nest egg once again. Even if the share price hit the $4, which is $3.65 more than the 35 cents it’s at now, I would have almost $70K in the bank then. I think it will hit that and more soon, seeing that it was at $8 just last year. Who knows, the stock could soar to $10 in a few months given that the company is now producing cars and selling them to the world. My heating supplier even bought one of the air conditioned electric cars, which was some feat given that the price of a single car is over $300K. Who the heck has an extra $300K that they want to spend on just a car? I don’t even want a car anymore, that is the funny part about this whole investment scheme of mine. Investing in a local business would seem to be more realistic instead of dumping all of my hard earned HVAC repair work money into something I don’t even want. But a lot of people need cars and really want this new one that goes from zero to 60 in under 2.3 seconds. The car is an SUV which has a great climate control system in it and can beat some of the fastest sports cars out there now. I would love to see someone in the SUV, with a bunch of groceries and kids, beat some macho young guy in his Lambo, haha.

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