Using tutorials to fix my AC

If you are a hands-on person then you have probably tried fixing things more on your own as you age.

The trick is to make YouTube and other platforms your teachers.

You need to get all of the details and steps and know how to get something working again. Such tricks have helped with fixing my mom’s lawn mower this past month. All I had to do was watch a video on dismantling the motor, the cleaning process, and how to put everything back together. I was so elated when the mower engine kicked back to life that this was more drive to learn better skills to handle other things. In the end, several things around the house were fixed including the guitar a week ago when I rectified the volume knob that was too noisy whenever one played. Basically,it took dismantling the control cavity and using contact cleaner to clean the knob as this would ensure that it was no longer noisy even when the chords tend to congest into the amplifier. Just like it was with the mower repair, the serviced guitar worked immediately. Even with such achievements, the DIY project that still stands out and is the most recent has to be the window AC repair. For a while it was impossible to understand why it wasn’t working anymore, so I watched a few videos and determined that there was a possibility that the condensate pan was clogged. As a result, the condensate water that should drip out the back of the window air conditioner and onto the ground below wasn’t. But since the AC is fitted with a safety switch, it prevents the air conditioner from turning back on if it detects water backing up on the inside of the cooling system. This prevents water leakage that would otherwise flood the entire home. It could cause poor water drainage. Once the air conditioner was fitted back together following the condensate line clean, it started working once more.

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