The old Marathon shows are getting the best of Nelson

Nelson has an addiction of watching TV for long and ending up doing no other things.

While occasional TV watching isn’t bad, my brother Nelson overdoses especially when he needs to do housework and will lay on the couch to watch TV nonstop.

Surprisingly, there is nothing new or very interesting he is watching since all shows are from several years back. What’s more, he may have watched the TV marathon shows at least a dozen times. We are always puzzled how he is able to enjoy watching the same nonsense for weeks and not get bored. Even so, it is sometimes exciting and even comforting going back in time. Recently, though, he got the perfect chance to lay at home all day since the heating & cooling business were coming to install a new air conditioner system in his apartment. This would take a long time since the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C upgrade was time consuming. It was not clear how long it was supposed to take, but it was surprising in the end how long it took. We assumed that this may have been because the older conditioner had given the HVAC professionals a lot of difficulty removing it. That could have caused them to spend extra time to complete the air conditioner updating project. Nelson has a good air conditioner installed. As expected, he had spent the entire day watching as he waited for them to finish. He even commented how one of the shows had an episode about air conditioners failing so he felt it was a unique connection to be home at the time.


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