Returning my electric fireplace

I bought an electric fireplace from a local outlet store not too long ago, and when I got the electric fireplace home and put it up it turned out that the thing did not work at all.

  • I was pretty mad to be totally honorablehere.

That was not an straight-forward job lugging that sizable thing into my home however then having to take it out of the box and do all the building and installing just to find out it did not work right was the real kicker! Just to return the electric fireplace it was a giant sizable major headache all together. I did not know what I was going to do to be honest. But I had no choice in the matter other than to disassemble it, get it back into the box and haul this sizable king mother back into my truck and drive back to the outlet store the next day to return it! The return when I got there was not a giant hassle at all. They did not argue or want proof of this and that. It was more or less a usual sense type thing that if this electric fireplace was absolutely working no one in their right mind would have went through all that to get their currency back because they decided they just did not want it anymore! So I got my currency back. However, I did not opt in to get another electric fireplace to replace it. I decided to just scrap the idea of having an electric fireplace in my home and I figured I would buy a gas fireplace sometime soon.

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