It will take a week for the AC to be fixed

Many people wait for Summer with a lot of anticipation.

The eagerness increases even more if you come from the Northern climate regions with prolonged periods of cold months, some lasting up to 7 months of the year. The fact that Summer brings bright yellow colors to the outdoor environment is a plus. Fortunately for us, we come from the south where it just gets hotter as years progress. Usually by Springtime’s end we are already moving into a harsh summer thus having to deal with the irritation of too much heat. This often happens weeks before we even get to the peak of the Summer season in May/ August. It can be tough for hiking lovers like us as the outdoors are hot and scorching with highs of 97 degrees. Even so, we still hike no matter how hot it gets. All we have to do is deal with the excessive sweating. To cope, we often carry extra water for drinking during these summer hiking expeditions. Currently, I am anxious since it’s the halfway through June and I have to wait for one week so that the air conditioner in my apartment is repaired. The HVAC technician keeps telling me that they are overbooked with other a/c repairs for weeks and may not be available soon. It’s unbearable for me since this means doing without the cool air in my house. Unfortunately this is not like a furnace repair where one can simply invest in a simple portable space heating system at less than $45 and shield themselves from the harsh sting of cold weather. When your a/c goes down, it’s important to have a portable a/c or at least get a window a/c to help you cope and regulate the indoor temperature. Unfortunately these don’t come cheaply as one can spend a minimum of $300.


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