Increasing prices of Heating, Ventilation & A/C home services

Has anyone noticed that in the last year or so the cost of heating and a/c home services have absolutely gone up.

And I am not talking just by a little, however by quite a bit compared to what it was just a few years ago… For instance when I just had a new central heating and a/c installed by the local heating and cooling company it cost me about three hundred bucks more than what it was for a acquaintance of mine just 2 years ago. I was pretty shocked to say the least! Also when I had to have my particularly own central heating and a/c unit repaired a few months ago, it cost me almost double what it used to cost for a straight-forward heating and cooling system repair. I was not too thrilled about this. I guess inflation is on the rise and there is not a damn thing any single last one of us can do about it! However, I do have some hope deep down that once this new era of financial depression my pal and I are facing absolutely sinks in within the next year or so, the cost of heating and a/c home services will either go back to the way they used to be a few years ago or possibly even decrease and be much cheaper. That is absolutely the only way any company is going to survive once the recession that is coming absolutely hits us all hard! But for now I am stuck paying these ridiculous prices for heating and a/c home services and I will have to keep on paying them.

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