Buying my new gas fireplace

After having much bad fortune with an electric fireplace I purchased and trying to return it even being more of a headache I was just so glad to be rid of it and done with it! I decided instead once I got my currency back to go out and buy a gas fireplace instead, and now there were a few reasons for this. The first and foremost reason being that if something was wrong with the gas fireplace I bought that I would be able to return it a lot easier because it was not as sizable of an item and it did not take a whole ton of putting together and installing like an electric fireplace does. The other reasoning behind it is that it was cheaper and much more compact to fit in my living room. Also I think the yellow flame is much more prettier than what an electric fireplace provides. Sure I will not be able to decorate the gas fireplace as much as I would an electric fireplace when the holiday season of Christmas comes about. However, it is a particularly small sacrifice to make to get a fireplace that is much easier to install yourself, costs a little less and is overall better looking. I do not know why I even went in for purchasing an electric fireplace in the first venue. I think it just could have been all the hype within the electric fireplace that made me do it. I should have went for this gas fireplace that I have right now at this particularly moment in time from the start! I am so thrilled with this gas fireplace!

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