We couldn't find the boiler in the house

I knew I would never buy a house without a heater.

My brother and I went to every Open House we could find over the weekend. My friend and I would take notes on strange things in the house. My friend and I knew exactly what we wanted and didn’t want in a house. I don’t think we ever signed the guest book because we were too young to buy a house, but we weren’t kicked out for not signing. For both of us, one distinguishing feature stood out. It was an old clapboard house, but it still had a lot of character, and the foundation was in excellent condition. The roof was new, and the interior was spotless. The only flaw we discovered with the property was that we couldn’t locate the heater. My friend and I looked in the basement and garage, but there was no boiler to inspect. My friend and I approached the realtor who was hosting the open house, and he informed us that there was a formal Heating and Air Conditioning listed, but he hadn’t listed the house. She was simply ‘house’ sitting. I knew I would never buy a house without a heater. Every home needed heating and air conditioning. I didn’t know a single family who didn’t want Heating and Air Conditioning, though I didn’t know the family who was selling this house. After a thorough search of the house, we discovered that the only places to eat were a fireplace in the living room and an old wood stove in the dining room. They honestly believed they didn’t need heat in the kitchen, and perhaps they didn’t want heating in the bedrooms, but it still seemed strange to my sibling and me.



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