This was not what I expected from a Heating and A/C worker

Whenever I called the Heating and A/C company, I was accustomed to the technician arriving and making all necessary repairs, there was never an argument, whether it was the furnace or the air conditioner! Last month, I had a heating and air conditioning technician visit my home, and I also needed my furnace repaired.

He examined the furnace and then refused to repair it.

He recalled our heater, as well as telling his parents that the furnace was unsafe and needed to be updated. He refused to repair the furnace then and continued to do so now. My father was annoyed with him and instructed him to repair the heater. He looked at the father and informed him that it was his responsibility to make repairs, if possible, but he would not make repairs that could be fatal to the family. Dad became enraged and yelled that this was not what he expected from an HVAC technician. The HVAC technician shrugged and told the father that he didn’t care what he expected. If he wanted the furnace repaired, he would have to contact someone who did not value their customers, and he did not know anyone in the area who exhibited such apathy. After the Heating and Air Conditioning technician left, mom sat down and spoke with dad. She recalled what the Heating and Air Conditioning technician had said months ago, and she knew he was correct. She warned her father that the repair could be hazardous and costly. The furnace was nearly twenty years old, and it was time to purchase a replacement. Dad called the Heating and Air Conditioning company and apologized for his words before stating that he was prepared to order a new heater.

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