The creek flooded my AC unit.

An inch or two of rain brings up the creek, however it isn’t enough to do any disfigurement, but you can see the rapids in the creek that come from the rocks the water passes over as it hastily heads downstream, five inches of rain in an hour causes that rapids to overflow the banks, but when the rain continues for two afternoons, we found out the creek not only overflows its banks, however it surrounds our house… Two weeks ago, the creek overflowed its banks, surrounded the house, plus put six inches of water in the house, plus two feet of water in the air conditioning unit.

I was distraught about the disfigurement the water may have done to the air conditioning unit.

My pal and I couldn’t afford to purchase a modern air conditioning unit. My pal and I had flood insurance to cover the apartment disfigurement, even though I wasn’t sure if it would cover a modern air conditioning unit, if it was needed, then once the water receded, we headed downstairs to assess the disfigurement. Our neighbor was lower than we were. His entire main floor was flooded, plus he had some disfigurement to his foundation. My pal and I called the HVAC business plus had an HVAC specialist assess the condition of the air conditioning unit, and after cleaning out the mud, he had the AC component working again. He said they built air conditioning component to withstand rain plus storms, plus since the water wasn’t in the cooling system for long, there was little disfigurement. He took away that worry, so we were going to talk to the neighbor plus see what we could do to help him.


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