She briefed me it was a portable, personal air conditioner

He could sell them for $5 each at a dollar a piece and make a fortune

Last year, my child arrived at the property with a water bottle connected to a fan. She offered one to me and one to his younger brother. He must have noticed my skepticism because he turned to me and asked, what? She took the water bottle and told me that if I didn’t like his presence, he would return it. I told him he was getting too cocky since starting school and that if he didn’t change his attitude, he would spend his week off university in his room. When he returned downstairs an hour later, I asked him about the bottle. After apologizing, he explained that it was a portable, personal air conditioner. Since the air conditioner in the dorms had gone out, everyone was using them at university, however, you filled the bottle with water and pressed the fan button. The fan would blow cooled water into your face, keeping you cool. A portable, personal air conditioner component had to have cost around ten cents to manufacture, and I was wondering how many people were getting rich off of this not-so-ingenious invention. I inquired as to when the air conditioner had failed. She stated that it was only two months into the school year and that they would not be repaired until spring break. I suggested he go to the dollar store and make some. He could sell them for $5 each at a dollar a piece and make a fortune. She could be the queen of the portable, personal air conditioner. She laughed and said that someone had already tried and been kicked out.

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