My salon got a boost from the new HVAC system

I had a great idea for my salon, but I couldn’t afford it.

My beauty salon is quite successful, but still not as much as I would like.

My goal is to be the top salon in the city, the kind of place where people will wait for hours just to get a makeover. In order to do that I needed to make a few changes, which would cost more money then I had. I talked to every contractor in the area, but without at least ten thousand dollars they couldn’t help me. I got desperate, and asked my cousin Jimmy for some help. I knew that Jimmy was still taking night classes for his HVAC certification, which meant he was not a legal, licensed HVAC pro yet. On the other hand he was family, and would work cheap, so I pitched my idea about the ductwork to Jimmy. While the central HVAC system in the salon is fine, the ductwork leaves a lot to be desired. I wanted to expand the system of air ducts, and add a dozen more air vents into the work area. The goal was to have a directional air vent that could be pointed at every single chair in every single workstation. If my customers had complete control over their own heating and cooling, it would make this salon seem a lot fancier. I told Jimmy that I couldn’t pay him up front for his HVAC work, but that once it was done and business improved I would pay him ten thousand dollars cash.

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