My bestie got porcelain veneers

My bestie JJ got porcelain veneers for her teeth; I am sorry to say that they genuinely look ridiculous.

I genuinely can’t tell you what she was thinking whenever she decided to go to the doctor to get these.

I thought that she was just going to have a consultation done, then but then when she came by to visit myself and others later in the day, she had already had the porcelain veneers put on! I was so shocked and surprised when she smiled at myself and others with these big porcelain veneers that I nearly keeled over. I was amazed by these giant colorless teeth that were in her mouth however I didn’t want to say anything that would hurt her feelings. I was genuinely mad about it, too. I had told him over and over that all of us needed to go and talk to the doctor about it together before she just went and did it, however that day she said that she wanted to just get it over with. By the time she got to my work, she was convinced that her new porcelain veneers were the best thing that she had ever had done in her life, then to me, though, they did not look natural at all. I couldn’t guess that she did this without consulting myself and others first. I am not a shallow woman at all, I don’t think, however I am sincerely thinking that I am going to have to split up with him because of this. I can’t guess that anyone would want to get porcelain veneers for the teeth love the ones that she has now, then someone at the doctor’s office should have told him that they looked terrible. They never should have let him out of there looking love that.


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