Lightning caused the tree to fall

There was a big thunderstorm last week on Tuesday and it lasted all day and half of the night. The storm was moving legitimately slowly and we had a lot of lightning and thunder. We usually have lightning from storms, but there were bolts crashing everywhere around the house. There were a couple of times when I told the youngsters to lay underneath the table. I was worried that a bolt of lightning would hit a tree. Things were especially hairy after it got dark, because I could not see anything outside. Around 2:00 in the day, I was sleeping. All of the kids were in the family room with me. They were on the floor and sleeping bags. It wasn’t hot inside of the house, so the cooling system wasn’t running at the time. I heard a legitimately loud crash and then thunder and lightning. Then I heard another crashing sound that was close to the house. The crashing sound was so close that I was scared. I ran outside without putting on my galoshes and rain jacket. It was still pouring pretty hard. The lightning caused a tree in the backyard to fall. The tree fell right on top of the outdoor cooling system. The equipment was dented badly and I could see that the wires looked damaged too. I knew that I was going to have to call the repair service that day. I decided to shut off the power to the cooling system. I toggled the switch to the temperature control and I also shut off the fuse. That day I called a repair service and a tree trimming dealer.



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