I ordered a programmable thermostat

Lately, my mind has been so preoccupied with random stuff that I am starting to forget to do a few important things. And don’t get me wrong, forgetting a few tasks here and there is normal, but I am now forgetting to do things that I always remembered before. For example, when leaving my home, I have always adjusted the temperature on my thermostat, but lately, I have been forgetting to do that. I adjust the temperature so that when the house is empty the air conditioner doesn’t cycle on. It makes no sense to have the air conditioner cooling a home with nobody in it. So, adjusting the thermostat prior to leaving home is something that I have always done. But lately, it has been slipping my mind. In fact, last week, I forgot to adjust the thermostat 3 times. And once I leave home, I am gone for about 14 hours, which means my air conditioner is cycling on and off all day long. The one positive side to that is, when I get home, my house is nice and cool. But leaving the air conditioner on all day in an empty house is a waste of money. After complaining to my daughter, she suggested that I get a programmable thermostat. I have never thought about getting a programmable thermostat, but it might just be the solution to my problem. I would be able to program the thermostat for the days when I will be gone out of the house. So, the programmable thermostat would essentially eliminate my issue and it would also save me so much money in the process. All around, the thermostat sounds like a great idea, so I placed an order for one, and it will be here next week.


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