Being the people person HVAC technician

When people need HVAC work done, they call my twin brother Mark and I at our HVAC company.

I’ll be honest, they mainly talk to me because he has extremely poor communication skills. It’s the unfortunate truth. He has tried talking to some of our clients at times over the phone and anything they ask or need gets lost in the conversation. He has messed up scheduled appointments, ordered the wrong parts, and has just been rude at times. He told someone over the phone a few months back to “shut up and listen.” Apparently, he didn’t like how Mr. Smith was trying to give Mark pointers on how to do some HVAC work. I understand Mark and I have been doing this for years, approximately 20 but we did lose a customer that day and Mark was out of line. There were a few other instances but from that day forward I have been the point of contact for any heating and cooling questions or needs. Outside of his customer alterations at times he and I need to work on being a better team. This HVAC business can’t run without us but we have had some complaints about our interactions with each other while working at clients’ houses or businesses. We tend to have child-like arguments and it gets ridiculous. Maybe we can go into some sort of team counseling? Do they even offer that? I just want to make sure our HVAC business thrives so that when we get older we can pass it down to our kids. I hope he would want the same thing.


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