The HVAC company was closed for the week for shop repairs

My favorite grocery store in this entire city has been family owned and operated for the last 50 years.

I don’t have anything against big chain corporations, but they just cannot replicate the personal touch of a locally owned business.

For instance, my favorite grocery store will stock nearly any item I ask them to. When egg prices shot up by at least 60% nationwide, I asked my local grocery store to stock the imitation egg products. While they’re not the exact same thing as having real eggs, I’d much rather pay less to get something similar. In addition to the imitation egg products, this grocery store also started stocking a specific brand of pork tenderloins when I made the personal request. Other grocery store chains will tell you that there’s nothing they can do if the parent company isn’t stocking their stores with the products you want. As far as other family owned businesses are concerned, I’m also a huge fan of my HVAC contractor. This company is run by the grandson of the original founder and they have some of the best reviews on the internet out of all the companies in our county that work with HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get immediate HVAC service because they had to close down their shop this week for repairs and remodeling. While I’m not thrilled about waiting on service for six days, I understand that the HVAC company has to deal with their own overhead from time to time. At least they’re willing to give me the best services at the best prices.


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