Programming my smart thermostat

I thought that was a funny title and didn’t really mean to call the thermostat dumb, however it was too funny to pass up.

I didn’t sleep well last night because I drank what was supposed to be caffeine free tea, only to find out it did have caffeine in it and kept me up almost till five in the morning. The only good thing about not sleeping last night is that tonight I will sleep like a champ because I am so exhausted. I’m treading lightly throughout the day though and being extra patient with myself. My heating component is next to me, a hydronic space furnace to be exact, and it absolutely makes me feel grateful for having a place to live and something to keep me warm. I will go to bed tonight around 9pm and read my book for an hour before I pass out and sleep like a bear the entire dumb night, haha. I don’t have a furnace in my bedroom, just a small mini split air conditioning unit for the summertime when it just gets too hot to sleep. I don’t like to cool the whole apartment down in the Summer when I sleep because it is just a waste of energy to do so. My flatmate doesn’t like A/C at night, so it just made sense to get a little portable air conditioning equipment for my study room so that everyone is happy when they are sleeping. I like the life I have made and am glad I have such a cool roommate.


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