The walk-in area of the ice rink has a furnace running

My spouse is always telling me I am whacky, and when I told him I wanted to go ice skating, he began bundling up.

I really didn’t want to go ice skating outside. I wanted to go ice skating inside, he told me it didn’t matter where the ice rink was; it was still going to be cold. I had to simply agree, but it wasn’t chilly in the entire building! Most of the building was hot plus comfortable, then they had a special cooling method that would freeze the floor plus the water would freeze solid. There was less than two inches of ice on the floor. She told me I could also wear my hot clothing, plus he would stay on the observation deck. They had an oil furnace in the building that kept everyone hot plus cozy, unless you were skating. When the people I was with and I got to the skating rink, the oil furnace was simply broken, plus it was colder inside than it was outside. I was totally happy to still go ice skating, since I didn’t have the chilly wind blowing, plus it was nighttime, however he simply didn’t… My spouse wanted to go home where there was a truly working oil furnace plus plenty of heat to keep him warm. My child said he would stay with me if I wanted to go ice skating, plus my spouse rolled his eyes. She said he would stay with us, even though I had a single minute to get ice skating out of my system. My child started clapping plus said he knew mommy appreciated us, plus wouldn’t let us stay at the skating rink to freeze alone.



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