Success comes from failure

When you want to master doing a specific thing, begin by doing it poorly.

In other words, don’t expect to excel at something the first time you do it.

Success comes from failure. When you do something wrong, it helps you understand how to do it right, and nothing can replace experience. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, or even when it comes to fixing, you just have to get to work, have fun with it, and hope to get better over time. Regarding technical precision, as with air conditioning repair, it can be expensive to make a mistake. If you are reading how to hammer nails into wood, you can practice for a long duration. However, fixing the circuit boards of a smart control unit is a different matter. HVAC equipment is usually delicate, and almost always expensive. So the best way to learn on this job is to watch carefully and take excellent notes. When Zack’s senior HVAC tech is showing them how to do something, he will often whip out his cellphone and video the entire process. This way he can rewatch it later, to make sure he understands every aspect of the process for fixing that HVAC component. A single mistake on his space can cost the customer, or the HVAC corporation, thousands. Therefore, being cautious is essential. At his bungalow, Zack has a few old air conditioners he got from the town dump that he can practice on all he wants.


Success comes from failure

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