She wanted a new air conditioner for her baby shower

The most memorable client interaction I have had this year as an actual heating, ventilation, and A/C tech would be with a mom who only proposed a quality heating, ventilation, and A/C in their baby registry; I realize the benefits of having a temperature-controlled lake house for an infant, but even as a cooling expert, I did not consider it necessary when I birthed all my children… Then we got a random call from the mom early in January, and he explained that he had been told the two of us were the best in a/c upgrade within the local cooling industry.

We were all expecting him to ask for an inspection of his a/c filter, like most of our new customers, even though he proposed to add us to his baby registry, and he sort of explained that his home had an older a/c plan and wanted an replace before his first child was born in early July.

We were all really impressed by his thoughtfulness and recommended that an actual heating, ventilation, and A/C professional inspect his home so the two of us could have particular details on the best cooling technology. I was somewhat gleeful to learn why he thought heat and AC products were better than having all the cute little things people give babies. She explained that having a new heating, ventilation, and A/C installed was one of the ways he was hoping to ensure his baby slept safely without him worrying about overheating! A look at his home indicated that he would need a new business to task on some ducting concerns the two of us identified that would interfere with the efficiency of the AC. I helped his make the baby registry for new cooling equipment and linked it to our heating, ventilation, and A/C business with a description of what he needed, but by the end of May, the two of us had installed the air cooler, which had a programmable temperature control, after overwhelming support from his friends and family.

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