Loving the Air Purifier I got installed

I just evaluated the air quality in my flat and it is sitting in the excellent range.

I used to have a lot of concerns with the air in my flat because of the traffic that goes up and down my road, however this all changed recently and I am so happy about it.

This scrub air is due to the fact that I have HEPA filters in both my air purification system and my central Heating & Air Conditioning system, when before I just had a regular filter in each one. I bought some truly cheap filters online a few years ago and thought I found the deal of the century. Why I bought so several of them, 100 filters, is beyond me because I ended up throwing away 98 of them because they were so bad. The Heating & Air Conditioning supplier I bought them from went out of business, so I couldn’t return them and they were of such awful quality that I didn’t want to supply them to anyone. The filters were so bad that I bet the Heating & Air Conditioning system could suck in a fly and it would pass through the filter and out of the vents in the rooms, however you could truly undoubtedly pass a hockey ball through the filters, they were so bad, haha. The HEPA filters I have now, which are both the washable type, cost a bit more money of course however they labor so much better at removing dust and smells from the flat. So now my home is a lot fresher and I suffer way less from my dust irritations now.



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