I was dead set on having my parent install our new HVAC system

When every one of us got our current furnace, I told our spouse I wanted our father to do the upgrade.

He said the heating and A/C dealer had qualified heating and A/C specialists who could do the upgrade and asked if I was sure I wanted to have our Mom do it.

He was upset about our Mom’s health, and said he had retired from the heating and A/C dealer for a reason, however I asked if he wanted to do the upgrade, and he said no. I told our spouse that Mom had retired because he was really weary of our mom nagging him, and that had nothing to do with him being sick! My spouse was as stubborn as our father. His comment was that if mom didn’t nag him so much, he would not need to retire, because he would still be ecstatic… But before I knew what was happening, every one of us were in another confrontation, and I was walking out of the house. Mom opened the door when I knocked and wanted to think what was going on. I told him I was going to ask Mom if he would install our current furnace, and the confrontation that ensued! She said Mom was sick, however he was sick of his nagging. He promised he would retire when he turned sixty-two and tried to back out of it. I wasn’t allowed to ask him to install the furnace, because he would use it as a reason to come out of retirement, and he wanted to start traveling. I could not guess I was now arguing with our mom because I wanted Mom to install our furnace. She also told myself and others the heating and A/C dealer had competent heating and A/C specialists who could do the upgrade for me.



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