I Just Can’t Get Enough Food Down my Throat Today

I just got in last night from a long flight overseas and can’t seem to fill my stomach up today no matter how much I eat.

I am staying at mom’s house and don’t want to eat all of her food though.

I did bring some tuna fish and apples with me, so at least I got those to eat in addition to all of the food I am eating here from mom’s kitchen. We are going to the local business tomorrow to buy food for me and then she is taking me to my aunt’s house where I will be staying for a while. My aunt lives about 20 minutes from my mom’s house and we are going to be coming back to mom’s in four days for a family party there. A few of my uncles will be there, all of whom work in the heating and cooling industry doing HVAC sales and service. I really miss them all and I know they won’t all be here next year when I come back for my annual visit. They are pretty old and they are all retiring from the HVAC tech world soon, which is kind of sad because it closes a long chapter in all of their lives. We are all getting older, but it is just sad seeing the older relatives of yours coming to the end of their lives. I will keep working for 15 more years with this HVAC business and then I am going to hang up my boots. 70 years old is a good time to retire for me.

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