I do have several ACs I got from the dump

If you plan to master how to do something well, you must start by doing it poorly.

In other words, don’t wait to be wonderful at something the first time you do it.

Success comes from failure. When you fail, it helps you figure out how to do it right. Nothing is a replacement for experience. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, or even when it comes to an interest, you must do it, have fun with it, and hope to improve your skills. Regarding technical precision, as with cooling system repair, it can be expensive to do something wrong. If you are studying how to hammer nails into wood, you can practice for hours. But fixing the circuit boards of a smart thermostat isn’t as simple. Heating and A/C components are usually delicate, and almost constantly expensive, so the best way to master doing repairs is to watch carefully and take a lot of notes. When the senior Heating and A/C trainer is showing us how to do something, I’ll often fetch my tablet and video the entire process. My plan is always to rewatch it later and make sure I understand every part of the process for fixing that Heating and A/C component. One mistake on my part can cost the customer, or the Heating and A/C company, hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is why being cautious is essential. At home and on the weekend I do have some aged cooling systems I got from the neighborhood dump, and I can practice on those all I want.


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