A Ductless Mini Split Cooling Unit is Superb for Little Tiny Spaces

My mom is obsessed with scooters, and she belongs to a scooter club that gets together a few times per year for mini socials. These socials are usually held at the homes of the members of the club, and it rotates between homes to keep it easy. My mom has hosted a few times and she enjoys doing it. The last time she hosted was a couple summers ago, and although the event was a success, it was too sizzling hot outside for an event like that. Well, this coming summer it’s my mom’s turn to host the event again and she wants to solve the complication of the heat outside. So, she has decided to host the social inside her home in her living room. Well, that home doesn’t have air conditioning, so I wasn’t sure why she would think that it’s best to be indoors. After a brief conversation with my mom, I found out her plan, and she is going to purchase a used ductless mini-split cooling system so that she could use it inside the home. From what I know, ductless mini split cooling systems are great to cool down small spaces like hers. And though I know they are great for sheds, I don’t think a mini split cooling system would work for my dad’s home because it’s not exactly a small building. In order to make it comfortable inside the building, she might need more than one mini split cooling system. And I don’t know if she wants to purchase one of them. They can be pretty costly, especially if you’re buying them brand new. Anyway, she has a few weeks to figure out what he’s doing and I just hope that she finds a way to make the place comfortable for the members.


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