Trying to reduce too much humidity indoors

It isn’t too often that I worry about humidity when the weather gets cold; and humidity is something that happens when it is overheated and humid outside, then all of us often have heat and humidity to deal with, and the a/c component deals with it… And what do you do when you have a humidifier on the oil furnace, and the humidity is already high… And I didn’t suppose if I could turn the humidifier off, or if I should turn on all the fans and draw the humidity out.

I ended up calling the heating and air conditioning supplier and asked them to look at our oil furnace.

When the central heating and air conditioning worker arrived, I told him what our problem was. I didn’t understand how or even if I could turn the humidifier off. She told myself and others the humidifier in the oil furnace would turn off once our humidity levels reached a certain level. She didn’t assume it was too humid in the house, although she could turn down the humidity studying so it shuts down more swiftly. If she had done this, our skin may get dry and I could end up with a lot of static electricity in the house. I didn’t want dry skin or static electricity, so I told him to leave the humidifier where it was. She said I could turn on a space gas furnace in the room that is affected the most! The added heat of the space gas furnace could possibly dry the air out. I really thanked him for the information and went in search of our emergency space heater; then once I had it in the family room, I turned the space gas furnace on, and I saw a difference in the humidity.


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