Their furnace wasn’t heating the house.

I walked into mom and dad’s house last week, and I was surprised at how cold it was inside. Mom said the furnace wasn’t heating the house, and they were waiting for the HVAC technician to arrive. The only thing they had to heat the house with was two space heaters. I asked if they wanted to come to my house, but mom assured me she was fine. Dad looked like he wasn’t faring so well, and I was worried. Dad had a heart attack less than a month ago, and I didn’t want him getting sick. We talked for a bit, but dad insisted he was fine and was going to stay home with mom. I walked into the kitchen and told mom there was no way I was going to allow them to stay in a house that didn’t have a working furnace. Mom told me to mind my own business. I wanted to know when the HVAC technician was supposed to get there. She told me it wouldn’t be too long. That’s when I realized she hadn’t even called the HVAC company. I asked dad if I was right and he mumbled something about all their resources being maxed out when he had his heart attack. They couldn’t afford to call the HVAC company. I called them and gave them my credit card numbers. I wanted the furnace repaired immediately, or they were going home with us. Mom was upset with me, but dad took a deep breath, kissed my cheek, and said thank you.

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