Not sure why our kid thought he was adopted

My little one was tall as well as lanky, just like his mother.

Of course, he never believed that he wasn’t adopted! He actually had his orange hair as well as orange eyes as well as they were both stubborn when they wanted something.

At the moment, our child wanted me to tell him he was adopted, as well as I wouldn’t. He was saying that he constantly felt like he differed from the rest of the family, as well as he was sure he had to have been adopted. I pretty much laughed at the kid as well as said we all think like that‌ every so often. After telling me I didn’t understand, he walked away, however the next day, he tried to convince me to tell him I was absolutely the child of the Heating in addition to A/C appliance worker. I told this child that he was being ridiculous as well as I didn’t want to hear any more of his nonsense. He totally stomped out of the dining room as well as went to his room. I knew being a teenager was not the easiest, but this was outrageous. Did he absolutely guess I was going to tell him he had a mother other than his Mom? After a month of his nonsense, I asked why he felt different. He pretty much said that all the kids in his class wanted to do something insane when they grew up. He personally wanted to be a lawyer, doctor, or a Heating in addition to A/C appliance worker. This child was squeamish with blood, or dirt, as well as he didn’t mind being around dirtbags. I rolled my eyes at this kid as well as he laughed. He genuinely asked if he was to become a Heating in addition to A/C worker; would I be disappointed? I reminded him that my father was a Heating in addition to A/C appliance worker, as well as he worked with various people! Why would I be mad? Up until then, he had forgotten his Grandfather was a Heating in addition to A/C tech, as well as he suddenly felt completely cheerful again.

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