My wife will never trust me to be home alone.

Last month, my wife left to go stay with her sister until she had her baby.

Her husband was overseas and wouldn’t be home for another three months, and she didn’t want to go through childbirth by herself.

Shortly after she left, my brother came over and asked if I wanted to go out for a beer. I didn’t want to go out, but I had a couple of cases in the basement. While we sat there drinking, he noticed I had a broken air conditioner sitting in the corner. He thought it was broken, but I wasn’t so sure. Either way, we thought it would be a good time to rip it apart. We had AC unit parts all over the basement. We were laughing so hard that neither noticed the mess. We also didn’t hear my wife come downstairs. She took one look at the air conditioner parts and the beer bottles, and she walked back upstairs. My brother turned and asked if that wasn’t my wife, and I shrugged. I told him she was still in Alabama and sat down on the sofa to survey our damage. The air conditioner was in more parts than I could count, and my brother was laying on the sofa snoring. I went to my bed, thinking I would fix the AC unit in the morning. Instead, I laid down and woke up at 6 AM with my wife in my arms. It all came back to me seeing her in the basement and thinking she was a figment of my imagination, and then I remembered the dismembered AC unit in the basement.

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