I resigned myself to fixing the a/c at a later date

Last week, our loving wife left to go stay with her sister until she had her baby; and her husband was overseas plus would not be at the beach home for another 3 weeks, plus she didn’t want to go through childbirth by herself… Then shortly after she left, our sibling came over and asked if I wanted to go out for a beer; I didn’t want to go out, however I had a couple of cases in the basement; while we sat there drinking, he observed I had a broken cooling system resting in the corner.

He thought it was broken, however I wasn’t so sure, and either way, we thought it would be a fine time to rip it apart. We had A/C component parts all over the basement. We were laughing so strenuously that neither observed the mess. We also didn’t hear our loving wife come downstairs. She took 1 look at the cooling system parts plus the beer bottles, plus she walked back upstairs! My sibling turned plus asked if that wasn’t our loving wife, plus I shrugged. I told him she was still in Alabama and sat down on the sofa to survey our disfigurement; the cooling system was in more parts than I could count, plus our sibling was kneeling on the sofa snoring. I went to our bed, thinking I would repair the A/C component in the afternoon. Instead, I laid down and woke up at 6 AM with our loving wife in our arms. It all came back to myself and others seeing her in the basement plus thinking she was a figment of our imagination, plus then I remembered the dismembered A/C component in the basement.

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