Called HVAC company but they didn’t believe me

Apparently I have developed quite a reputation around town.

I never thought that I would be the sort of person who was discussed at the local coffee shop.

But here I am, apparently stirring up a lot of trouble and a lot of conversation among the locals. I will admit, I have made a fool of myself and I absolutely deserve some of their attention. The trouble all started when I moved to a brand new climate. I am used to living in the north where the weather is always fairly cold and dry. When I moved to the South I had to quickly adjust to the hot and humid climate that is present throughout the year. You don’t get a single break from the sizzling sun and balmy air quality. This means, your air conditioning system never gets a break either. You are continually operating a central cooling unit in order to keep your home habitable. This of course costs a lot of money when it comes to your monthly energy expenses, your HVAC unit itself, and the regular professional repair and maintenance appointments that keep the cooling system operative. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about cooling systems or the Professional Heating and cooling repair that would go into an AC unit. I found myself regularly calling the local professional HVAC repair shop for assorted issues with my cooling system. What I didn’t realize was, I could do most of those maintenance jobs myself. Now, when I call the heating and cooling shop for an HVAC concern? They don’t believe me. They got accustomed to programming my thermostat, cleaning my air vents, and changing my air filters for me… and no one ever believes when the AC unit really won’t work.


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