You can make a good living as an HVAC technician here

Here where I live, you can really make a good living as an HVAC technician.

I think that the job market is really strong around here because the heating and cooling companies that are here are just about always hiring. I don’t really think I have a high turnover rate or what, but it seems like every heating and cooling company in that area is always looking for new HVAC technicians to hire. Business seems to be booming, and that goes along with all of the new construction that is going on around here. HVAC contractors are in high demand at this point, as well as commercial HVAC companies. I know that a lot of companies, like the one that I work for, offer very competitive wages and the work environments are great. I love working for the company where I am at right now because they basically let me choose my own hours throughout the week. A lot of times, I only work the days that I want to and I take off other days. I never work on holidays or on weekends, but if I wanted to, I would get paid time and a half for volunteering to work on those schedules. I guess that a lot of people do not think that a service industry like the HVAC industry is very glamorous, but the fact remains that people are always going to need heating and cooling technicians. As long as humans need heating sources and air conditioning, they are going to need people like us around who know how to fix those things.



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