Writing my first book

About a year ago I decided to write my first book, and despite having this plan for quite a long time it took me forever to actually get around to putting words to paper.

This is because I hadn’t really planned out exactly how I would write it.

I had a lot of ideas and a lot of thoughts but I had no clue on how to get them on the paper and how to format and organize this book properly. Then real life got in the way and I became too busy to focus on the book and I had forgotten about it for a while. Now I finally had the time to do what I wanted and I had decided that now it’s a good time to start working on writing the book. I sat down on my desk and started raining out some different plot points and ideas but there was one thing that was making it difficult for me to continually focus. That was my air conditioning system. It was summer outside and so it was pretty heated, so I had the air conditioning system on high. The problem was, the table was positioned directly under the air vent because there is so much cool air coming out of the air vent every time I would try to write something down on paper the air would blow the paper off the desk. This happened a few different times until I became so annoyed that I shut off the AC. But then when I did that the house could have become hot! Ultimately I decided to move to a different spot to work on my book.

dual fuel system

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