We went with the ductless multi-split plan

I was feeling pretty agitated while trying to decide what to do with our Heating plus A/C system.

It broke down repeatedly, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pay to have it updated.

The Heating plus A/C professional said all of us could really go either way. He explained how on the 1 hand, the old HVAC plan could last a couple more years, however all of us might experience a few more breakdowns and lavish repair costs. On the other hand, he said it would cost a bit for a new Heating plus A/C replacement, however it would be far more energy efficient and would save us a great deal of currency over time. He also pointed out that all of us wouldn’t have to worry about any future repairs. The Heating plus A/C plan was going on 13 years and after talking with our wife Jen about it, all of us decided it would be best to go for a new replacement. The team of Heating plus A/C specialists did a wonderful job installing our new ductless multi-split system. It really was kind of tricky to choose which Heating plus A/C install to go for, but Jen and I really liked the sound of having several zones in the apartment with customized temperatures. Jen and I also enjoyed hearing about how much energy you could save by using a ductless plan with variable speed technology. The SEER ratings for this cooling plan is 26, and I’m pretty sure they don’t get more energy efficient than that. When the new plans were fully installed, Jen and I were happy to give it a try. It was right before the sizzling season, so the temperatures were already starting to get moderate. We tried out the cooling plan right away, and it was truly pleasant. Jen was even more ecstatic when I saw how low our energy bills were.

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