Training a rookie HVAC technician

I have been assigned a rookie technician to train. Moreover, the boss says I am supposed to “look out” for Kevin, and make sure he learns everything he needs for the job. I am in a precarious situation here, because I love my job very much, and I am fond of my boss, but the new guy Kevin is a jerk and I want nothing to do with him. Kevin is the nephew of the boss, which is why it’s so important to train him well. Personally I don’t think Kevin has the focus or the work ethic to be an HVAC tech. I am not sure what I can do about this, because if I go to the HVAC contractor and trash talk Kevin it will just make me look bad. Instead of saying anything negative I tried to focus on the positive. For all his flaws, Kevin knows a lot about the HVAC industry, and is great with talking to customers. I told the boss that Kevin shouldn’t be in the field doing repairs, he should be in the shop in charge of HVAC sales. Kevin is a salesman at heart, and I have personally seen him talk several customers into upgrading their annual HVAC service plan to the most expensive tier. If Kevin can talk our HVAC customers into spending more money, that’s where he should be spending his time. Kevin should be growing the business and making sales, and he can leave all the HVAC work to me and the other techs. That is the idea I am going to pitch to the boss.

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