The HVAC company that we own ran a great special a couple of months ago

The HVAC company that my brother and I own ran a really great special a couple of months ago and we had a really good response from the community because of it. We usually do not even run specials because we have a really great customer base. We don’t really need to increase it all that much at this point, unless we decide to go ahead and hire a new HVAC technician in order to grow our business. We are not really at the point where we want to do that quite yet, though. I think that we will be at the point where we want to hire a new HVAC technician probably sometime in the next couple of years, but we are just not there at this point. Anyway, we decided that we were going to give our customers a bit of a price break a couple of months ago, and it seems like everyone really appreciated it. We ran a special for air conditioning tune ups right in the middle of the summer and everyone seemed to love it. Since it was so well received by the community, and we got so much business because of it, we decided that we’re going to do the same thing in the winter. Well, actually we are going to do it before winter hits. We have decided to go ahead and run a fall heating system tune up special to see if we get the same kind of response. I am pretty sure that we will, because it gets really cold around here during the winter and everyone wants to make sure that their heating system is in top notch working order before the cold weather hits.


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